Stanthorpe Little Theatre


During the year, we offer a variety of workshops and run regular classes. These are advertised on our facebook page, events and in our newsletters. Contact the Secretary for specific questions.

Youth Workshops

Junior Theatre Workshops 2022 –  Feb 10, 24, March 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31st  4.45 – 5.30 pm at the Theatre $5/$10

School Holidays – Jan and Sept

Theatre Skills for Junior Performers. A three day workshop focusing on a series of theatre skills, drama games and explorations into scripted and impromptu performances. Participants will collaborate over the three days to produce a short performance. Opportunities to perform spoken word, dance, mime, music and song.

Feb – April

Stagecraft Skills A series of workshops exploring improvisation games, voice warm ups and theatre activities to build skills on stage in confidence, characterization and voice projection for 8 – 16 year olds.

School Holidays ( Jan, April, July, Sept, Dec) 1 hour improvisation workshops offered.

Open Age Workshops

Basic special effects – Special stage make up workshop suitable for all ages. Participants will experiment with stage makeup to create various effects (perhaps a scar, bruising, a wound or ageing). They will work with a partner to created and develop an effect they apply to their own body or face.

Basic facepainting workshop open for all ages. Participants will explore facepainting designs and techniques. They will work with a partner to paint one another faces to a design they have created or develop one they apply to their own body or face.

Basic Juggling Workshop. Basic patterns for 3 ball and scarf juggling workshop for all ages. Participants will make their own juggling balls to take home and learn basic skills to use to practice juggling.

Voice Projection Workshop. Voice warm ups and exercises specifically designed for performers to fill a space with the resonance of their voice and energy.

Tai Chi The focus of this eight week program are the foundation principles of Taiji. When practiced these principles develop structural strength, balance, and improved mobility that will serve you well in every day life. Primarily, we will be mainly focusing on the four fundamental postures of Taiji collective referred to as “Grasping the Birds Tail” and the four directions. These postures are considered to be the cornerstone of all Taiji forms and provide a strong foundation for learning other postures and forms.

Self Defence 101 – 8 week workshop – basic self defence that covers legal ramifications, bio mechanics, basic martial arts techniques etc. Content suitable for students over the age of 13.

Stage Craft Workshops – open to all ages

Costume Construction workshops– create a basic costume with the assistance of a seamstress and designer.

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Stage Make Up workshops learn how to do period style make up and stage make up. Workshops will choose a specific time period to recreate a look or style.

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Stage Hair- dos workshop – learn how to do period style hair dos. Workshops will choose a specific time period to recreate a hair style including Victory Rolls, Rock and Roll, French Pleat/ fold and up styles.

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