Stanthorpe Little Theatre


Auditions for our performances are held at the theatre around 2 – 3 months before the performance date. these are announced on our Facebook page along with notifications in our newsletter.

Our community is invited to ‘have a go’ and try out for any role they feel they may like to try for. We are an inclusive theatre and pride ourselves in cultivating new talent ( and that doesn’t just mean young folk!)

Generally, an audition is a relaxed event either on a Tuesday or Thursday evening at the theatre. The director will introduce themselves and give a brief synopsis of the play or event. They will give an overview of the characters as well as the rehearsal schedule and the performance dates.

Participants are generally invited to introduce themselves in a “discussion circle” and highlight what role or roles they may be interested in.

Interested participants will then be invited to do some cold readings ( a scenes script is handed out and participants read the role they are given) in front of everyone who has come along. It may well be that participants read for a number of roles during that evening. If you are interested in being part of a performance and can’t make it to the auditions, often the director is happy to meet with you privately to allow you the opportunity to read and chat.

Participants are reminded to leave their contact details with the director as well as the roles they are interested in being considered for.

Typically, a private facebook group is set up to manage messages and arrangements for the cast – rather than the bulky and unreliable email system. Discord or Slack are other platforms that are sometimes used for this.

You don’t need to be a member to be part of a performance – but its always wonderful for you to be part of the team!

Contact the Secretary, Annie Mitchell in order to have your email address added to the Theatre newletters.