Hire the Little Theatre for your next workshop, weekly class, or to hold a special event.

$85 flat fee to hire the space for a once off meeting, rehearsal space or workshop. This is up to 5 hours and does not includes stage lighting/ sound or use of kitchen.

Looking for something more regular? $15/hour for regular rehearsals, hosting a workshop or meeting within the theatre (includes no stage lighting or sound or use of kitchen)


Stanthorpe Little Theatre is the perfect venue for an intimate gathering, community event or performance.

Hosting a performance which is just looking for set stage lighting and house lights controlled for start/ finish of whole performance?

Our tech can chat to you prior to the public performance to finalise your specific cues as there is probably no need to have a rehearsal for basic lighting. If there is pre performance or interval music to be played, hand the tech crew a USB which is clearly marked before the performance. SFX and music need to be saved as MKV or MP3 format.

Hosting a play/ dance performance etc that needs cued lighting, cued sound tracks or effects?

There is a minimum of two rehearsals required if you are wanting more complex or detailed lighting and sound tech support for these events.

$45 each session for one of our lighting and sound tech crew to attend (up to 2 hours). Full script, lighting and sound cues are required well in advance ( at least 10 days before opening night). SFX/ Music is required to be given to tech crew on a USB which is clearly marked. SFX and music need to be saved as MKV or MP3 format.

Please note, only our lighting and sound tech crew will be allowed to operate the Little Theatre equipment.

Dress Rehearsals and Tech Rehearsals are charged at the normal rate of $15 per hour for the space hire.

The theatre MUST be left clean after dress/tech rehearsal with all seats and surfaces wiped down with antibacterial wipes. The hirer may choose to employ our cleaner to do this before their public performance.

Public Performances

It is a total of $215 per performance – This is broken down to the hire fee of $125 per performance session, $45 per performance for sound and tech and $45 cleaning fee per performance.

The hirer may choose to facilitate the snack bar themselves or ask the Little Theatre to host this. If the hirer is planning on serving alcohol, they are responsible for applying for the correct licences and ensuring that their staff have the appropriate RSA certification.

The hirer must leave the theatre in a clean and tidy state after their event has bumped out. Extra cleaning fees will be charged should this not be the state.

Contact the secretary for more details and forms.