Stanthorpe Little Theatre

Open Mic Nights

Our Open Mic Nights are held generally monthly on the second Friday of the month

Stanthorpe Little Theatre is working in conjunction with Stanthorpe Writers Group to offer a space for performance whether it be poetry, singers, comedians, writers or musicians.
This is a space for experimentation where those with experience can share what they have learnt and the newer performers and artists have a place to learn, grow & develop their skills.
Our aim is to encourage younger and upcoming artists to join in.
This is an inclusive space for singers, poets, wordsmiths, stand-up comedians and performers to hone their craft and encourage others. All performers, regardless of experience are encouraged and welcome.
Please Note: Language and Content warning for performers under 18 and those with sensitive natures for performances after 8:30 pm. Parents are advised to consider mature content and at time extreme language, suggestive language, images and or movements may be used in performances.
Tickets $5 at door for audience.
Performers are FREE ( please book your ticket so we know you are coming)
Stanthorpe Little Theatre members with booked online ticket are free.
Beer, Wine, tea, coffee and snacks are available from our bar.
Line up: TBA ( nominate on the night or contact our MC, Grace beforehand.) Performers are encouraged to have at least 2 – 3 pieces to share.
Junior Performers (under 18) from 6.30 – intermission (please consider there may be mature 18+ content for performances after the intermission).
If you are wanting to share your performance or want to find out how to develop your craft, feel free to message or email Little Theatre on secretary@stanthorpelittletheatre.org.au.

2023 Dates
10th Feb Open Mic Night
10th March Open Mic Night
14th April Open Mic Night
12th May Open Mic Night
2nd June Open Mic Night
14th July Open Mic Night
11th August Open Mic Night
8th Sept Open Mic Night
13th Oct Open Mic Night

8th Dec Open Mic Night