Stanthorpe Little Theatre

Karaoke and Dance Club

Dance and sing like nobody is watching!

Our Karaoke and Dance clubs will be held at the theatre on the first Saturday of each month (unless there is a production on)

Join us to sing and dance on our dance floor or just chill out in the bar area.
This is an inclusive space where all are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Our DJ will take your karaoke requests and play them throughout the evening. Everyone is encouraged to sing along to favourites as they dance along on stage .

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door or online.
Stanthorpe Little Theatre members booked online are free.

Beer, Wine, surprise cocktails, tea, coffee and snacks are available from our bar.

Doors open at 7 and we are open until 10 pm.

Please note, smoke machine and strobe lighting may be used during the evening.

2024 Dates
6 Jan
No Feb club due to Stanthorpe Show
2 March
6 April
4 May
15 June
6 July
3 August
7 Sept
5 Oct
No Nov club due to Shakespeare Under the Stars