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10, 11, 17, 18 June The Wisdom of Eve Directors – Lee Williams and Sophia Furness

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Broadway At Its Best.

Most actors dream of being on Broadway. Margo Crane is an actress who has reached those heady heights.

Her following is huge, and she glories in it!

One of her “greatest admirers” is a young girl, Eve Harrington, who waits outside the stage door everynight in the hope of catching a glimse of Margo or even a quick hello.

On one such occasion she gets the attention of Margo’s close friend Karen, and asks her..begs her for an introduction to Margo.

Eve has seen Margo’s current play over 50 times!…Karen is suitably impressed and agrees to allow her to spend a few moment with the star in her dressing room, should Margo be in favour.

This is a story of many twists and turns, and is a quality peice of theatre not to be missed.

A cast of experienced actors and some new fresh faces will bring you a most intriguing play.

Lee Williams is at the helm, and weaving his magic as he directs.